Separating the domain and presentation logic, managing mutation, building a non-trivial layout.


CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) represents a typical graphical business application. The primary challenge is the separation of domain and presentation logic in the source code that is more or less forced on the implementer due to the ability to filter the view by a prefix. Traditionally, some form of MVC pattern is used to achieve the separation of domain and presentation logic. Also, the approach to managing the mutation of the list of names is tested. A good solution will have a good separation between the domain and presentation logic without much overhead (e.g. in the form of toolkit specific concepts or language/paradigm concepts), a mutation management that is fast but not error-prone and a natural representation of the layout (layout builders are allowed, of course, but would increase the overhead).

CRUD is directly inspired by the crud example in the blog post FRP - Three principles for GUI elements with bidirectional data flow.

A dialogue box with a list of names, text input boxes and buttons.




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